International Holidays

International Holidays is the strength of our business. The most magnificence about our travel package is we always give you a full service package. We are very strong in European Holiday, Scandinavian Holiday, North American Holiday, Asia & Pacific Holiday, North-South and East Asia Holiday and South East Asia Holiday

Our travel partner is excellent international well known and we choose our business partner starting from Airlines, Hotel to Ground Arrangement (Tour).  Check-out our Map for our strength destinations.

Our Strength Travel Destination

Europe Countries

  • United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey (Europe), Luxembourg, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary

Scandinavian Countries

  • Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark

North American Region

  • Canada, Alaska

Asia & Pacific

  • Australia, New Zealand, Turkey (Asia)

Our Competitive Travel Destination

North, South and East Asia

  • China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea

South East Asia

  • Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia (Sumatera & Kalimantan-Borneo), Brunei, Singapore






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