About Us

History of Travellex Holidays

Travellex Holidays is the brand name which owned by NI Global Venture. NI Global Venture was established in May, 2014 and has been registered with the Register of Company (ROC).

The Owner and Founder of NI Global Venture is Mr. Nazrin Idham Razali and his wife. NI Global Venture are running the travel business, insurance, events, international trade and others.


We would like to be the no.1 choice of full-service travel agent and the best knowledgeable consultant.


We would like our brand to be well known worldwide.

Core Values

“Client is Always Our Priority”

We are focusing in delivering the best service to our customer by letting them know we are very concern about their needs. We are the type of try to deliver our promise.

We would like to deliver world-class customer service to our prospect and existing customer and also future customer. We are professional in our fields and profession which nothing is hidden.

Healthy Working Environment

Travellex we are working environment is team player which no toxic working environment which it is not being tolerated. All staff of Travellex working with style and peace of mind beside we are practice “home is my office”.

The Core Business

Tourism Business which is Holiday Package (Cruise, Family, Theme Parks and Kids Tourism), Education Tourism (Educational Trips, Camping for schools and university college), Pilgrimage (Islam/Christian), Walimatul Urus in Thailand (Nikah or Kahwin-Thailand) Service, Honeymoon Package and Corporate Travel Service (M.I.C.E). Travellex are willing to arrange all kind of travel which include inbound, outbound, domestic travel until Custom-made Travel.

The Other Business

Travellex are operating the supporting service for the clients to offer the full service travel operators which is Visa Arrangement (Student Visa, Umrah Visa, Haji/Hajj Visa and Tourist Visa), Airlines Tickets, Insurance, Events. Travellex also very strong in dealing with foreign customer and locals especially in trading. We also willing to make your risk free by let us arrangement your import & export documentations with customs, other government body (depending on requirements) and handling your customs clearance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

♣Go Green♣We are green type of operation which consume less paper usage in our operations. We also support the go green effort to make more trees will be plant. We also very sensitive with the environment which we are trying to help the nature by planting more plants. 

♥We Are Care♥ – We are care program is the school donation program which the company will contribute some money for the school improve their funds to improve their co-curriculum activities and school structure. The school student need a better education because the current student is the leader of the future.

♠Loyalty Program♠ – Our loyalty program is for the our existing client. The existing client will get a discount for the second time purchase and they will be get a commission when they bring or refer a friend and purchase our travel package.   


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