England The Piece of Mind

Medieval Era is the most famous spot in England. This era is started which so many magical stories, history of England and literature in England. Starting from the Holy War with has been leaded by King Richard (The Lion Heart)-Fully Monarchy until the modern ruler with constitutional monarchy government  Queen Elizabeth (currently). England was left us with the marvelous architecture and the history behind it.

London is the main attraction in the world for Birmingham Palace but, they are more palace which you might stunning your eyes.


The journey from London St.Pancras to Norwich is taking you almost 2 hours 30 minutes. Norwich was established to be a city since 1195 and it is very famous with the birth place of Admiral Nelson (Picture) and Edith Cavell (Picture with the Nurse Uniform).

 Lord NelsonEdith Cavell

Both of them is the symbol of hero and heroin for Norwich City. Both of them is stating their own histories. Admiral Nelson was the First Admiral in Royal British Navy. He fight the intruders and pirates in Caribbean and English Channel include with the French Navy. But, unfortunately in the war he lost his right arm. His death in his home in Norwich. Edith Cavell is the women who fighting for savings life for British and French Army in Balgium during World War 1. She is very strong believes in Angelican Church.  She died in Brussels Belgium in service. She was reburied in Norwich Cathedral by the government and most of the Schools and Memorial was put under her name to be memories of her sacrifice for the country and humanity. ” May God Bless Them” Ameen.


Norwich is also famous for Kett’s rebellion, Colman’s Mustard and Premier league side Norwich City Football Club (F.C) as well. Norwich is showing you the stores the history of ancient Cathedral that ages over 900 years old. Not just that, a Tavern which age of more than 750 years old. They also shows us more than 300 pubs and bars, 2 Cathedrals, a Castle which you will not miss, a Guildhall (which all the high ranking general and government officers recreation place), a huge shops and many restaurants which you may choose. Don’t worry you may get starving in Norwich. Well, why you not stay in Norwich the cost of living is is cheap as well. Cheap Food, Drink, Transport then London and Cambridge. Come on I cannot tell you more unless you may experience and see it by yourself.

We are not miss for the Muslims tourist. Don’t worry they are so many Muslim restaurants in Norwich, mosque and even Islamic Community in Norwich. Our brothers and sisters is always there to help us. TRAVELLEX will guide you and facilitate with praying time and where is the list of mosque with the map during you travel in Norwich.


Your travel is not complete if you just go only for one city. Yorkshire is very famous with the scenery and the rural areas. Their activities in Yorkshire is full of countryside village, farms and vineyard.

dales_park yorkshire

The travel time by train from Norwich is taking you almost 5 hours 30 minutes. We will arrange your journey by using a train. York is the places full of excitement in the small cities with the ancient architecture. This will give you the peace of mind of countryside holiday. Secret of England only TRAVELLEX will share with you. How you want to save only we will give you the way. Countryside is better we ride a train rather than buses. The reason is most Europeans travel using train because of they wanted to experiences and enjoy the beauty of mother nature which we cannot have it but we can experience and remember about it.

Where to eat?

Caley's Specialty

Caley’s Specialty

TRAVELLEX will not letting you travel without hint. We are suggesting you to visit the historic 15th century Norwich Guildhall and soak up the history over lunch. Choose from a mouth-watering selection of beverages, light lunches, snacks, cakes and fine chocolates to eat in or take away. Caley’s Cocoa Cafe is very nice to have for a tea-afternoon before dinner. Caley’s will inspire you by their cakes and drinks, they are very expert to impress people by using their specialty. The price is also reasonable. Bring you family and friends to enjoy your tea time with Caley’s Cocoa Cafe. When you having at the cafe I can tell that you will not get enough with it. Grab some chocolate with you as you can see which one is the best and impress you to try.

How about breakfast?

We are very passion with your need for breakfast. Having English breakfast is very nice when you have a kids around.

Pandora Kitchen

Pandora Kitchen

Pandora Kitchen is the best choice for family holiday. It is opened every day for breakfast, luncheon, afternoon teas, cakes, coffee and tasty take-away treats. Delight in wholesome, home-made food and drink, made using fresh, local produce; served by our lovely ladies and gentlemen, in our beautifully-restored nineteenth century shop. This restaurant make the standard is healthy and high-quality if food and clean.

They are so many things which we cannot explain to you. Join  our package which you will enjoy this experience in London-Norwich-York Exploration Package.

Email us at inquiry.travellexholidays@yahoo.com


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